My Dabblings

Coding is obviously my passion.  I have made quite a good living, and lost a good living, being a full time coder.  (When I say coding it basically means programming – writing in computer language)

Here are the ones I have going on right now.


This is my darling.  It is a strong hope this project will become my bread and butter.  Most of my free time is spent working on the code of Gypsee, and there will be more, so much more to come later on down the road.  Be sure to follow my social media to see what unfolds – I am changing the way you do something year after year.

Evolve Fitness

This was the genesis of my fascination with startup companies.  I met my former business partner in San Francisco at an Apple coding class, and we brainstormed, designed and built this from the ground up.

I was the CTO, chief technical officer.  I handled most of the engineering of the project.  I also wore a whole lot of other hats on this project: CFO, Lead Developer, COO, COD, ODD, ADHD and so on.  I had to get a bigger place to store my hats and my ego.

Hey; I have a RIGHT to have a big ego.  I landed this project 1.3 million dollars (cue Dr. Evil) from seven different investors, one of whom was an investor from a project a long time ago.

Danger!  Danger!  Will Robinson!  Nerdy, coding, technical spooty jargon coming!

I ran the entire technology stack we used in EVOLVE.  I additionally built the MVP using Apple’s Swift and Node.js in approximately three months.

I also (ego continuing to inflate) scored a slot on Apple’s first television show, Planet of the Apps, and a deal with Jessica Alba.

More on that long, strange trip it’s been here.

Andrew Fashion Photography

I mean, obviously, Fashion is not my last name.  I am, however, fashionably conscious (sound of ego) and have been for a very long time.

At one point probably because I was either 1. insanely rich or 2. insanely destitute, I took up photography.

I loved photography.  I loved shooting fashionable ladies in the latest of clothes.

There was only one problem with photography.

I wanted to be a photographer.  Wanting does not pay rent, buy groceries or the like.

And do not get me started on ‘exposure.’

The only exposure I cared about was on film I shot with a camera (rimshot).

Young & Stupid Book

Young & Stupid is a few things.  It is an autobiography.  It is a self-help book.  It very closely resembles Brewster’s Millions.  It is a journey.  It is a coming of age book.  It is all of that plus a few other things that I am sure I will remember to add approximately 1.2 nanoseconds after I put the manuscript into the hands of a publisher.

Here is a teaser:

Learn how to lose approximately 2.5 million dollars in two years using my patented system!  Buy stuff!  Spend money!  Get incredibly overpriced canines stolen from you!