Zen And The Art Of Unproductive Productivity

Hello, and welcome.  It is a hope you are here after reading my Instagram post and have decided to come to my home on the web.  This little piece I am about to do now is to explain to you, dear reader and follower, as to why I had to back off from IG for

How To Raise Money From Angel Investors For Your Startup

Most of what you read from me, if you have followed my blog and IG posts, are friendly, conversational and has a fairly heavy dose of dry wit. This one is going to be starkly different. This blog is likely to make you angry, upset and have you throw your hands in the air and

How To Not Pay Or File Taxes For 12 Years

So far, you have heard about a good bit about my life and especially my keen abilities when it comes to earning, spending and losing millions of dollars – more than once.  I know there is a medal or something I should get for this skill. Maybe I could market it, and I could be

How I Blew Two Million On My First Startup

Romeo and Juliet is not a love story.  It is the story of two morons who commit suicide as well as have four other people die in a three day span. Most people, however, always remember how Romeo fawns over Juliet at the beginning of the play and the incredible speeches from Shakespeare. This is

And I’m Back. Start Here.

Chances are you do not know me.  Back in 2006 or so, blogging was hot.  I gained a pretty substantial following based on some of my blogs I wrote in 2009.  They went viral – I mean, how many 18 year olds earn two million dollars and blow it within two years? Oh, I am

Chapter 1: How I Became a Millionaire at 18

Welcome to a story probably heard many times before.  It is a fact: Most professional athletes go bankrupt within five years of retirement.  Why?  They have no concept of money management. I did not either at age 18.  I made, at that age, approximately 2.5 million dollars (pre-tax) based on my accolades and business acumen.

Chapter 2: How I Lost My Millions

If you read Part One, you know what has happened to me by this point. Armchair quarterbacks and backseat drivers always think they know better.  “I would have done this or that.  I cannot believe you blew through all of your money.” Everyone is a professional until they have to do it themselves.  Imagine being

Chapter 3: Depression And How I Dealt

If you have not read the first two pieces, then what I am about to say will not make a great deal of sense, but for the sake of brevity, here is the TL;DR version:  At 18, I made millions.  Within two years, it was gone. So, I am laying it all out for you

Chapter 4: The beModel Years

Dear readers.  I left you off, hanging as it were, at the end of 2009.  My friend and I launched with a considerable influx of capital.  Two days and we had 15,000 users of the site.  Like I said before, we had parties and celebrated hard.  I knew it was only a matter of

Chapter 5: Vegas to Hollywood

One thing it seems I have never had a problem with is finding a lady friend.  I also never had a problem losing them. The girlfriend I had in L.A. decided one day to up and head to Las Vegas to become a dancer.  I followed her there. By now, my Bitcoin business was starting