My name is Andrew Thompson. I became a millionaire from MySpace and Bitcoin.

I am also an entrepreneur.  I currently live in L.A.  I am your ordinary high school dropout who at age 17 received a check from Yahoo for $100,000.00 because of my website MySpaceSupport.com.

I built the first MySpace profile editor.

By the time I was 18, I had made approximately 2 million dollars.


It did not take long.  I blew through all of my money in no time.  Everyone around me swore I was another one hit wonder, a flash in the pan and my 15 minutes of fame were up.

Depression hit me hard before I was even 21.  Can you go from $150,000.00 a month to nothing overnight because of the two advertising powerhouses that paid me, Google and Yahoo, killed my pages.

There is real pain when you go from the high life to nothing overnight.  Literally.



Jump forward a handful of years.  I make a $10,000.00 investment that rolls into three million.

I learned plenty from the first time, right?


I burned through that money faster than before on a steady diet of Hollywood, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, mansions, bottle service, strippers, prostitutes, drugs and yes, alcohol.

Now, we, you and I, are here.  If you are still here reading, chances are you are curious as to exactly how I did what I did.  Feel free to continue looking.  I have some stories to share.  Some are hilarious (Zeus for example), and some are harsh reality (losing my child).

You get to see what it is like being a high school dropout but millionaire.

You get to see how I raised another million with cryptocurrency.

You get to see how I raised 2 million for my last startup company.

You get to see the mistakes my former partner and I made that drove a company into the ground.

At some point, you will see what happened in my dark years.  This is the part where I fell and struggled to rise again.  It is also why I could never manage to hold my millions for any length of time.

Interested in learning what I have to share? I suggest you start with my first blog here.