How To Raise Money From Angel Investors For Your Startup

Andrew Fashion

Andrew Fashion an entrepreneur from middle school, Andrew had a knack for the business world. He dropped out of high school before age 18 and within a year of doing so, became a multi-millionaire.

austinhl1 says:

Andrew, you are not an angel investor. You are an entrepreneur whose businesses heavily depend on angel investments. You wouldn’t even qualify to invest under the FTC guidelines mentioned in this post, considering you do not have $2 million in assets and only make $100k per year. I know this because I was one of those sheep who, many years ago, asked you to take a look at my business idea. You completely misunderstood the concept, said the space was too crowded, and balked at putting up $40,000— a relatively small amount for this industry. I later pitched the idea to Amazon’s startup accelerator and was approved for $100k.

I think you are misleading people. If you really are an angel investor, give us a list of your investments. Not Bitcoin. Companies. Real investments, like the ones listed on A16Z and Lowercase. I don’t think you have any.

The article clearly states how to raise from angels. The references I made are just from people asking me for money. I never claimed I was an investor in tech startups. And I’ve invested in so many tech startups, 25 of them.

And congratulations on your success.

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