Chapter 8: The Dark Days and Appdiction

Andrew Fashion

Andrew Fashion an entrepreneur from middle school, Andrew had a knack for the business world. He dropped out of high school before age 18 and within a year of doing so, became a multi-millionaire.

Jabz DaGreat says:

Wowwww, Bro… You have no brakes. Nonetheless, your drive to get back up- even fucked up and keep going is amazing and inspiring. A lot of people couldn’t have kicked those habits as you did. That shows strength in you that you don’t even know you have. You have it, but you must use it. That same Inner G that you put into your passion, put it in yourself.. Love yourself as mischief as you love your passion, don’t ever neglect yourself- you gotta take care you, because if you don’t, you can’t work on your passion.. Much Peace n Love unto you Bro, thank you so much for that motivation and inspiration!! I’m looking forward to finishing this book

Thank you man I appreciate it.

Brook says:

Holy shit Man You unloaded a whole lotta Crazy Shit in these series. Some are similar events from my life that made me cringe, laugh, and almost curl in bowl and ask for mommy like a bitch boy lol. Although i didnt do It to your scale, a lot parallels can be drawn.

I am working on a robotics startup, after so many failed websites, at the moment, and raising cash has Been tough Especially, seed capital, but i owe you gratitude, for the motivation you have given me ,and allowing myself to fail so many Times. Looking forward to more word porn, read: blog more andrew its almost like fucking crack(no homo) lol

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