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Andrew Fashion

Andrew Fashion an entrepreneur from middle school, Andrew had a knack for the business world. He dropped out of high school before age 18 and within a year of doing so, became a multi-millionaire.

Andrew Thompson says:

Hello world. It’s Andrew

Andrew Thompson says:

Hello! 🙂

Ashish says:

Hi Andrew, I am inspired and fortunate to get bumped into your website. I am sure, here I will get many lessons to learn & implement. Thank you so much!!

Team BEVO™

Andrew Thompson says:

Thank you 🙂

Toni Vidal says:

Life is short we all make many mistakes and some don’t learn there lesson , very few look back and reflect on what has happened or what they have done wrong and try to revaluate their lives .
I’m glad your still pushing and we have something in common I’m a 9th grade drop out myself and came from a poor family which is the reason I push myself each and everyday. Started my business 2 years ago with $500 yes I have done some stupid decisions with my money but I’m learning from it as I go never had money and now that I see it coming in slowly I try to avoid bad choices! I hope to hear or see more soon 💪🏻 Keep going strong man you got this

I am a 29 yr old struggling to survive, but i am glad i clicked on your profile.
From being an athlete with so much potential as a youngin’ & who did well in school to letdown after letdown, I am a loyal dedicated individual who seems to have to search for some motivation on the daily due to his hope slowly dying.
I love music and am striving to find an opportunity to be heard forreal.
As someone who absolutely enjoys helping others, i am seeking guidance, mentorship, even an investor who will take that chance on me before its too late..

I thank you for the burst of Inspiration your page/site provided me this morning.


Andrew Thompson says:

I am glad I could motivate you a little! 🙂

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